About Me

My name is Sabrina Faer and even my name is an adventure in itself! My birth name is Sabrina Salomon and I was born into a typical American, sometimes dysfunctional, family. I grew up in California…raised my family there as a single parent, spending 30 years on the West Coast. I moved to Huntsville Alabama in the early part of 2003 and have lived here happily ever since.

I have two adult children, 6 grandchildren and even one beautiful little great grandson! I love the term “great grandma” but prefer to be known as “Unci” (oonchee) to my great grandchildren.  It is a Lakota name for “The Great Mother.” It has a lovely sound to it and makes me happy to say it!

Why have a “normal” life when you can have a life full of love, adventure and excitement?! I choose to be the adventurer…the free spirit as so many have called me. I moved from California, not knowing a soul…lead by Spirit to Huntsville, Alabama. I have always walked to the beat of a different drummer but this walk took me to vast uncharted territories that have lead to some beautiful self discovery! I love my Southern life and my Southern family. Huntsville has brought me a new understanding of who I am and what it means to be a Metaphysician. Who knew that moving in to the deep South I would find my spiritual calling. In a place full of Religion…I found my metaphysically spiritual path.

I love sharing my love of life and learning with everyone who dares to listen to me…I host a meetup group called “Empowering You through Metaphysics” and you can find it at www.meetup.com. It is based out of Huntsville.

I have an inherent love of Fae. Faeries…dragons…all mystical creatures! When you are in my home it is hard to tell if you are in the land of Fae or in an actual home for humans. lol  I am one of many “Fae Stations!” My name…Sabrina Faer. It is mine…I chose it all on my own. It belongs to no one but me. My mother named me Sabrina after a movie called “Sabrina Fair” (Audrey Hepburn starred in it). Take that…with my love of FAE and what do you get? Sabrina Faer  Even that has a magical sound to it, doesn’t it?!

I am grateful…everyday…for everything given me. I live a grateful life and an adventure around every corner. I am a Spirit Walker…

Share your story…ask me questions…I’m here for you: sabrinafaer256@gmail.com